We aim to promote FinTech by embracing innovation, providing education and facilitating thought leadership within the Wharton Community and beyond.





We are committed to education, career development and idea generation by connecting innovative, established, disruptive and proven FinTech enterprises with students and industry professionals.

Expose members to emerging technologies and concepts through club-generated content, workshops, information sessions, meetups, conferences and events.

Build and grow relationships with FinTech companies to deliver internships and full time employment for students.

Establish Wharton and the University of Pennsylvania as the FinTech Industry Leader for ideas, growth and opportunity.


We offer speaker series, hands-on projects and panel discussions to engage students and professionals with the latest ideas, trends and developments in FinTech.

Please contact us for details if you’d like to to come to campus, share ideas with students or sponsor an independent study project.


We have successfully sourced opportunities at leading companies such as Wealthfront, Nerdwallet, Apple Pay, Personal Capital, and MasterCard, in addition to building relationships with accelerators and investors such as Fintech Collective, Citi Ventures, Barclays and Techstars.

Please contact us if you'd like to recruit talent or distribute job postings.